We are a company that offers and buildservices for you from initial sketches to the final constructions

Company overview

We build applications according to our client needs, our expertise is in building web, mobile and ERP systems.

Our expertise is focused on the Java Full Stack, Microsoft stack, SAP ECC, S/4 HANA, Data Analytics, SCM and IBP, but is not limited to it.

We also have experience building cross-platform applications to enable a single codebase to be used to create applications across the various platforms.

Our approach towards all clients is to provide a technological support & we are always seeking an opportunity where we can help our clients in whatever ways we can. Our interest is to be a partner where we get the most out of their existing resources and not interested in becoming a pivotal part of their development efforts.

WHY Pi Labs ?

We understand, that one size doesn’t fit all, when it comes to requirement. Hence, we don’t come with the same routine solution. We are in competence with the tailor make consulting packages that will allow both types of companies, the start-ups and the leaders in markets, to be successful.

A consultant will meet with each client to determine the goals of the company and develop a plan that will gradually ensure that those goals are met. Theories will be reviewed and explained so that the methodology is clear and will be able to be duplicated in the future. Any resource we place, is fully trained by an expert in their field, prior to arriving on site. We get it, time is money. At Pi Labs Group we make anything as per your requirements. Investing time and money on training, proves a costly affair. So, we do the job and yes, the crew is ready to take-off from day one. Set your goal and leave it to us. We shall make your journey to that goal a memorable and successful one.

Our mission

Our renowned coaching programs will allow you to: